Accessibility In Learning

After watching Tony Vincent’s video, Project Based Learning in Hand, I began realizing how increasingly important technology is becoming.  I think a lot of people might have a negative view on so much technology in the world now, that people are getting lazy and not doing anything for themselves.  But this video really showed how we can use it for good and to help improve our lives.

I have a cousin in kindergarten this year, and lately my family has been discussing how much she and her friends are always playing on a phone or on an electronic game, and that it wasn’t that way a few years ago.  But we have also been discussing that they seem smarter now at this age, and I think it is because of the technology.  If we can use all these new things like the apps, and use them will all their games and make them educational, the kids should become even smarter and get a head start in school.  If they are already spending time on computers, why not make it educational?

I am growing on the idea of having more indvidualized resources.  I use to be one of those people who thinks we are getting to lazy, but things are changing, so we should take advantage of what is becoming accessible to us.  Of course money would be an issue, but if one day it is not an issue, the students would really be opened up to a whole different world.  So much research would be accessible and so many more things could done quicker, opening time for even more learning.  I would definatley love to have something like indivual Ipads if they are ever available at a reasonable cost, for educational purposes. 

One thought on “Accessibility In Learning

  1. I’m glad this video helped you think more about the positive ways technology can facilitate learning and help us get smarter rather than more lazy. :-)

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