Pocket Project

For this assignment I watched Tony Vincent’s video, “Project Based Learning in Hand.” I really enjoyed this video. I found the whole idea of project based learning and mobile learning very interesting. This being my first technology class, this was really my first time to actually watch a video like this and sit and give it some thought. This video presented several great ideas, what kind of questions to ask, what things to ask questions over, following with parameters. All of these ideas are great.

Since I am currently studying to be a teacher it relates directly to my life, and is basically giving me advice for my future classroom. Also, there were several apps that I had never heard about that I can also use during my time as a student. Mobile learning is going to occur somewhere, so we should allow it in school, within reason of course.

I could defiantly see myself/students using this in my future classroom. Maybe not in early childhood, but I could use it to put together presentatons for the students. I’m planning a double major in Spanish which usually consist of one history type project. I can see where the access to project based learning in hand could really be beneficial in that case.


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