Teaching at Your Fingertips

IPADThe video Project Based Learning in Hand by Tony Vincent was extremely enlightening. As a fifth grade teacher, he utilized technology and the resources given to his students as a tool to create deeper learning. Vincent set up parameters for his students to follow for classroom projects and research and then allowed the students to create something unique to themselves. This type of technology based teaching creates critical thinking skills and allows the students to interact with technology.

As I watched and listened to Tony Vincent, I couldn’t help but wish that I was a student within his classroom. Being that I was in fifth grade, 25 years ago, we did not have access to this type of teaching and research. I believe that I would have retained and learned more of the information, especially in history and government, better had I been able to use these means expressed in the video. Teachers today must delve into the new millennium of teaching and use the many resources that current technology allows.

I truly do not think that these hand-held devices will be utilized within my classroom. I plan to teach young children and I believe that they are still trying to develop hand-eye coordination; therefore, I believe that younger students still need to write out letters and draw pictures to facilitate this growth.

One thought on “Teaching at Your Fingertips

  1. Melissa:

    Please keep an open mind about the power of digital technologies to help students not only develop their traditional skills (writing out letters by hand and drawing pictures with crayons) but also their creative and problem solving skills. You’ve inspired me to share the following video tomorrow in class and share some apps specific to primary age children:


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