Uncovering Mobile Learning

When viewing Tony Vincent’s video Project Based Learning in Hand, there were a few things that particularly caught my attention. I really liked that one of his main purposes in using mobile learning (like with the use of an ipad touch or ipad), that he really wanted the students to be able to uncover new information and think for themselves. It was no longer, “copy and paste” as he puts it, but it gave the students a chance to be creative and ask driving questions that related to the world around them. I think some of my favorite apps that he used were the Side-by-Side note app which allowed the students to view multiple web pages at a time and take notes simultaneously. I also really like the creativity behind the Strip Designer and Story Kits.

When I look back on my education I wish I had had access to some of the technology there is available now. To have the ability to research and build projects on one, simple, portable device would have been very cool!  However, the downside is, it may be very difficult for many schools to hand out ipads to everyone…after all, it is currently not cheap. Hopefully, one of these days it will be more affordable.

I really like the ideas of mobile learning and would love to be able to use it. Encouraging students to create projects that define “what makes a good project” in their eyes, in particular would really assist in his idea of students and teachers co-creating project rubrics. It’s an excellent ideas because after they help to define what is expected, if they don’t include it later, you can direct them right back to it and say “well this is what you said was important to making a good project”…and what can they say to that?? My only difficulty is that the technology seems so “far away”. Coming from a person who can’t even afford an I-Phone…it still seems pretty out there to me.

Kids voting on mobile tech

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