Teaching with Technology

ipad learningAfter watching Project Based Learning in Hand I got a lot of great ideas for future projects and activities.  There was so much information packed into this video I am going to watch it again and take notes on all the apps he gave! 

I wish every school had the ability to give their students access to the kind of technology he was addressing in this video.  Nevertheless, he does pose a great point which is to challenge your students with questions that make them dig deep for information.  This does put work on the teacher to come up with that type of project, but it also gives way to highly capable students.

I have never put together a side show on the touch, but just by watching this video is looks so much easier than keynote or PowerPoint.  Both of which I despise!!!  I am going to have to try it, I am really kind of excited, I just wish it was easier to transfer info between computers, because Apple is just so user friendly. 

In the end this video has so wonderfully information and I really enjoyed watching, like I said I need to go back with notepad so I can get all the apps.  Tony is a inspiring individual, with lots of great ideas for students. I wonder what school he teaches at?

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