The Project at Hand

Tony Vincent’s “Learning in Hand”┬ávideo tells how hand held computers can assist children in learning, specifiically project based learning.

“Project based learning” is where a teacher gives a topic to a student or group of students to research based on an open ended question such as, “What makes a good Vice-President?” This is called the driving question. Perameters are also given to ensure that the project meets student learning standards. For instance in the Vice President reasearch project, perameters included what branch of service the V.P. is in nad what are his/her roles and powers in this position.

The applications available on a hand held make it possible for students to more easily create a presentation for their project. They can create graphs and charts using “Easy Chart” or “Quick Chart”. They can add special affects to images with “Adobe Photoshop Express”. Speech bubbles and captions can be added with the “Comic Touch” application. Text can be placed directly on images using “Doodle Buddy”. I was not aware of all these applications and will enjoy using them in my own research projects!

If my students gave access to ipod touch, ipad or any other such hand held computers, I will encourage them to use them liberally to complete assigments. Using “Notes” and “Evernote” they can quickly type out and save info they have run across on the web and in the real world. This exciting technology will give my students access to powerful tools that can only increase their love of learning!

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