week 12

grandpa kittenmarcus hanna

this video is useful because it shows us alot of different uses for things such as i-pods and i-pads and other hand held devices to be used effectivey to get the kids to really learn for themselves. This video was a little long and i found it difficult to not skip parts of it. I am glad i watched it because now i see the use of teaching with technology incorperated. Many devices such as a i-pod or i-pad are easyly available and accessible. this devices also give the student a fun way to learn and encourages the use of technology which is growing more and more important. 

     I never learned much about technology growing up and still know very litle so to see little kids who can school me on a computer is cool i know they aren’t going to have the troubles i do with it. I didn’t even know what facebook or myspace was until about two years ago. to see kids learning and creating projects is cool. I like what this guy is syaing because technology is becoming a everyday part of life.

I think this is going to deffinatly effect the way i teach so that i incorporate technology into the assignments when able to. I believe that this will increase the learning of the students. I will be able to show the students how to make learning about things such as math and science can be fun and interactive. I will also be able to convice the students to do more studying at home since these programs make it so much more fun.

week 10

Marcus hanna

     A Pecha Kucha is a presentation that has 20 PowerPoint slides where each is shown for 20 seconds. The presenter has just 6 minutes 40 seconds to explain their ideas before the next presenter takes the stage. It is a good way to get you idea out there but you have to be prepared or it isn’t any good. A good Pecha Kucha presentation consists of a presenter being organized and well prepared.  a “so-so” presentation the presenter isn’t that well prepared they are stopping and haveing pauses between each slide because they have insuficent information. The pictures should go along with what is being said. if the presenter is prepared then they will be on time with the slides and on topic.  The pictures must also be pretaining to the topic or else they can be a distraction. You must be prepared and practice so that your pictures go a long with what you are saying every moment.

     I had difficullty with this assignment because I have trouble talking in front of people. For that reason this was a good assignment for me because it helped me get in front of people even though i didn’t want to. This type of presentation helps the audience to visualize and know what you are trying to talk about without a whole drawn out deal. It helps to keep organized while speaking, so that you do not get too off topic. This assignment is also good because it teaches you to use differnet aspects of power point such as the timer.   

      There are many ways to use this as a presentation assignment. You can split the class into groups or have them do individual presentations about topics they want to share with the class.  It is also a good assingment becaus eit is structured and gives the students guildlines to fallow while giving them freedom to do what they want. I think that this is better than just giving then a prsentation and telling them it needs to be so long this way they can fallow the format.

week 9

Marcus Hanna




I loved sractch!!!!! I will continue to play around ith it to try and learn how to do more with it. For my final scratch progect I finished mine from my scratch project two. my project is called cat and dog #1 vs moon crab. it is about a cat and a dog who decide to go exploring and and up in the wrong place. Scratch was a little challenging and i’m sure that after some more practice i will get better. I think students will find this program enjoyable and interesting and even though they may not realise it educational. I really haven’t been able to use this program as much as i would like do to the fact that i don’t have internet and everytime i installed it it would only work for as long as i kept the program open, if i closed it my computer wouldn’t open it back up. I did learn that i can flip the sprites image and have them face the other way and that to make them go to the left of the sceene they had to take negative steps. I think that even younger kids could work with this in groups so they can help each other to learn. scratch is a great program which me and my friends have enjoyed.

week 5

learningMarcus hanna

Activities such as scatch are a great way to build on students learning process. Not only is technology used for those in general education settings, but it is also a great way to get interaction from special education students too. Not only do the get to play fun games online but with scatch they can make their own encouraging the students to think. The scatch program is a fun and free program that allows students to think critically, use trial and error, and afterwards reward themselves by getting to play games.

From what I am able tell is this would be an a fun a creative thing that all students could do and gain from. The fact that the students can go through and try what they have done and then change it if it didn’t work or if they just didn’t like what it did.I also thought that having the different command tabs different colors is a good idea because it make sit easier to identify what command you need and what you already have.

I feel that this would be a beniefical program to use in the classroom. This program has the students doing math and other important things withou8t even realizing that they are. Scratch is enjoyable program and fun for anyone no matter the age.

week 8

Marcus hanna


I am enjoying working with scatch and have benn playing around on it with my friends (when i can get my computer away from them) and they have been giving me ideas and we came up cat and dog vs moon crab. I haven’t finished it yet but plan on finishing it for the final scratch project. so far i have learned how to move sprites around and switch from one background to another and hope to learn much more.

week 6

Marcus hannapenguinshttp://scratch.mit.edu/projects/7scratch7/1701970 

The scatch project i looked at was called penguins can fly (but not very well…). I chose this because the name was funny and i wanted to know what they were talking about.  This project was a little more complicated then i expected. I don’t really undersand how they did most of what they did but i’m going to try and figure it out. I did figure out how they set it to give you points and plan on trying to make my own game.

Final Scratch Project Reflection

Wow! its finally done and over with… It felt look it was something that I was dreading for the longest time because my very first two very very basic scratch projects took so long and felt so complicated! However, after some help from our instructor and just using some creativity I felt I learned even more than the first two projects combined.

 I learned how to make multiple sprites and each of their motions correlate with eachother based on one-another’s actions and therefore making my final project not only more interactive, and challenging…but also more fun/entertaining overall!


I am Glad that this is finally done with, and thing I will say is that the “Forever” control can be something that can cause more hassle than good at times when you want to have multiple sprites interact with eachother in a variety of different options/ways!