Week 1 Assignment

I am a junior and my major is Early Childhood Education. I hope to be a first grade teacher, but I wouldn’t mind teaching any grade Pre-K through 3rd grade. My mom is a first grade teacher so I have always been up at her school in her class. I think that is what inspired me to teach is seeing my mom do it everyday. I know that it can be challenging at times, but I also see how rewarding it is. I was a tutor in high school to elementary students and I loved it. I love working with children, especially younger children. That is why I am an Early Childhood major. Another reason is that my sister has always hated reading and had a horrible first grade year and I don’t think she ever got the reading skills she needed and still struggles with reading today. I want to make a change in students lives and hope that they find reading enjoyable and get the skills they need.

I had two teachers that really impacted my educational experience. One was my ninth grade history teacher, Mr. Gibson. Everyone hated him and thought his class was too tough for freshman. It was really tough at the time but looking back at it he really prepared us for college. No other teachers prepared me like he did. Every test was an essay test and we only had 55 minutes to complete it. It was challenging, but it definitely prepared me for high school and college. Another was Mr. Burton, my history teacher for sophomore and junior year. Again, no one really liked him because his class was tough, but he prepared me for college. These two teachers are the most memorable to me.

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  2. Your comments about how important high expectations are really resonate with me. It’s a good reminder that we need to challenge students to become more than they even know is possible. I shared a quotation from your post on my own blog.


    I also really understand your point about how critical a 1st grade teacher can be. One of my own kids had a very weak 1st grade teacher and it took a long time for her to recover– all teachers are important, but especially teachers in the early grades. I hope you can take your passion for that personal situation and put it into your own teaching with students. If you do I know it will help you become a fantastic teacher and make a big, positive impact on the lives of children. 🙂

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