“Scratch” Does More Than Scratch the Surface

    This is my reflection about our video assignment for Week 5.  In this film Chris Betcher gives some detailed instruction for using Scratch which is a programming language for children. The video ( “Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch“) also shows children creating programs with Scratch and enthusiastically commenting about it.

    Everything in this video was significant for me because I am totally unfamiliar with programming. I liked how the author showed several step by step procedures for accomplishing different tasks with Scratch such as making the cat move 10 or 100 steps.
     Recently I decided I wanted to learn how to write some simple programming because I had some ideas for things I wanted to do in my future classroom with my students. I checked out 5 books on the subject. They were all a little overwhelming for me, even the “Programming for Dummies” and they all seemed to require that I purchase some sort of software which I wasnt willing to do at the time. Maybe Scratch can help me bring my ideas to life!
     The implications for teaching of this videol are vast! As Mr. Betcher points out, using Scratch challenges children in many ways such as in math. He said that when he told the kids to make the cat move in the shape of square, they had to figure out what angles the cat would have to turn in. Reading and writing, or course, are built in requirements, so Scratch would automatically challenge students in those areas. I think when I have my own classroom, I would like to have my students create a little video that illustrates the song “Inchworm” , a popular children’s song. As they show the inchworm “measuring the marigolds”, they could incorporate math, science and art skills! As the title of my reflection states, “Scratch Does More Than Scratch the Surface” for providing technology that is a creative learning tool!   -Lorrie Slater
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