Into A New Realm of Thinking

Students on ComputersThe video “Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch” by Chris Betcher was extremely inspiring.   Scratch is an amazing tool that takes students into a new realm of thinking and learning.  The students in the video had to work with skills that they were learning within the classroom to produce a quality product.  The skills that they utilized involved problem solving, collaborating and piecing together information that they were being taught.  This seemed to give them a higher level of understanding on many subjects through the use of one tool, Scratch.

As I was educated many years ago, the use of computers was very new.  Microsoft Word was new and exciting; therefore, I was unable to use online tools like Scratch.  The use of internet was considered unnecessary in the school environment.  I do believe that Scratch provides students of all grades and ages to begin using computer programming to experiment with the information that they are learning within their classroom.  Scratch would have definitely benefited me as a student to express my ideas and understanding.

As an Early Childhood Education teacher, I believe that the use of Scratch will benefit even the youngest learners.  The easy too navigate commands and the cartoon quality of characters would help young learners to become more computer literate.  The use of the computer mouse and keyboard will help these young students develop dexterity as they develop something that they can be proud to show others.  Manipulating the characters through commands will provide levels of learning for these young learners.  Scratch will definitely be a program I plan to utilize within my classrooms.

3 thoughts on “Into A New Realm of Thinking

  1. Remember for most classrooms today, Scratch is something they don’t know about either (yet.) You are likely to be the only person at your first school who knows about it!

    Also, don’t mistake Scratch for just something EC students should use. As we’ll see as we look at more projects, things can get really complex and sophisticated with Scratch!

  2. After doing Scratch Project #1, I definitely see that Scratch can be complicated but I still think that Kindergarten classes could benefit from being introduced to the program. Just to play around and feel it out.

  3. I’m delighted the opportunities you’ve had so far in our class to play and experiment in Scratch have opened your eyes to the possibilities with it. It will be wonderful if you can find ways to use it with your own students down the road! 🙂

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