Scratch For Fun

By: Ben Pelley

I thought that watching the video Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch by Chris Betcher was really informative.  He did a great job of breaking down the basics of scratch.  I had never even heard of scratch before and now i know many benefits of using it and how well it can help my students. It is a free program, that is a great thing especially if you teach in a district with low funds.

As a physcial education major we talk alot about subject intergration, and how can you incorpate many things into your classroom.  Using scratch would be a great way for me to use subject intergation for math and many other subjects.  I think that the students in the video really seemed to enjoy using it and I think my future students will too.  Also this will come in handy because after observing  many physical education teacher tell me that your classroom can get taken away to asemblys and things and I now have another backup plan i could use in the computer lab.

I think this was a great video for us as a class to see.  It has many positives to it, for one its free and adaptable for students of all ages.  You can incorprate many different subjects, and skills into scratch.  It seems to be very fun and great way to help students involve technology into their learning.

Advanced Game Programming with Scratch

One thought on “Scratch For Fun

  1. I think it is great that you are thinking of multiple ways to engage your children! You have recognized some unique problems you will face as a physical education teacher and have already begun to think of solutions. This shows great initiative and shows that you will be an excellent teacher.

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