Created another Scratch

Okay, so I have just finished my second Scratch project “Baby Bumblebee” and I recorded myself singing a song about a baby bumblebee and put a little animation with it. I had a boy with a bumblebee walking together until the ouch part when the bumblebee flies off. My niece was here with me and I taught her all the words so we could sing it together, but in the end she decided she didn’t want to. She loves this program, and we have had so much fun using it together. I never really considered sitting down at the computer with her to play and create games and animations and stuff like Scratch, I would normally think about going to the park, playing outside, coloring, or reading, but this is something she enjoys as much as any of those. (the park being the exception)

I have learned a lot about the Scratch program, and would really like to get more comfortable with it, and create something I can use in the future. I have seen this weekend the positive response it gets from children (at least Macy). I really like that you can record your own sounds to put as part of the background, and that you can import photos to make a project more personal. Overall, I really enjoy it.

-Brittney Sprague

2 thoughts on “Created another Scratch

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  2. Great job using your voice in Scratch as a sprite recording! I am SO pleased you were able to share Scratch with Macy and see the ways she responded! Your post made my afternoon!!!

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